Saturday, January 21, 2017

A revolution that just started

Why should India be proud of what we are witnessing today? 

The world has seen a lot of protests. People from different nations, different states and different cities, at different times, came to the streets and fought fiercely for their rights and righteousness of their causes but what we are seeing here in India is nothing like anything we have seen in the last couple of decades. Here is why 

1. Five days and five nights of protests with more than 20,000 people in Marina beach, Chennai alone ( and more than 200,000 people all over the state) and there is no single incident of crime or violence. Not a single piece of glass was broken and not a penny worth of property was damaged. 

2. While the national and foreign medias, over the years, have been so busy misleading the rest of world to believe that India is the most “unsafe” country on the planet, the reality we are seeing here is completely different. Tens and thousands of women and kids are on the street, protesting for their rights alongside men for days and nights. 

3. Men, women, kids, students, elders and families are eating, sleeping and living in Marina beach for five days now. The basic necessities are all taken care of. People are bringing food, water, mobile toilets, blankets, pillows and anything and everything that will make the life of these people better. Protesters are often seen cleaning the streets alongside of marina beach every morning. (When was the last time you saw such a thing in a protest?) 

4. Some political parties have been trying so hard to score some political points out of the current situation and most others are trying to divide the protesters using hate, religion, caste and bigotry. The best part is that no one bought any of these, not one soul fighting there. Actually the instigators have all been kept out and made to shut up. None of the political leaders were allowed to participate in the protest. First time in the history of the country, politicians are really scared that people CAN and WILL do anything. 

5. First time in decades, every neighboring state including Andhra, Telangana, Karnataka, Kerala and Maharashtra, ignoring all the differences and bitter fights of the past, came together and supported the protests happening in Tamilnadu. 

6. The power of common man has always been underestimated by the politicians and administrators. Years and years of suppression, oppression and abuse, it is time the common man sends out a strong message to the people in power. A message that caused a stir in the status quo. The rest of the states in India may not fight for the same cause but they now know that they have the power to shake the establishments. 

7. A big blow to all the corporate mafias that have been trying to find their ways into the developing and under developed countries and make the people sick and diseased so that they can sell drugs and make millions. A wake up call for all the authorities and regulators of these countries who have been a puppet of such foreign corporates. 

8. Last but not least, a very powerful message from the people of India - "We are okay with globalization but we will NEVER allow globalization and any foreign intrusion at the cost of losing our own identity or well being. We know how to take care of ourselves and we have been doing a very good job at it for centuries".

Regardless of where you stand on the issue of banning jallikattu, you can feel really proud of what is happening now and be a part of the movement. The spirit of the people is only going to get stronger and stronger and we are going to see more changes and more revolutions in the coming days and years. 

Let us stand united and let us learn to fight for our rights!